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The Revival

Southeast Oklahoma has been a spiritual wasteland as long as anybody can remember. Nobody bothered much with it; there weren’t even native werewolf packs to claim the territory. Rumor has it that somebody had worked some major magic to lock up the spiritual energy for some nefarious purpose. Rumor has it that some mortal found access to the place where it had all been stored and tapped it to turn himself into an Incarna. Rumor has it that a pack from Muskogee tore him apart, scattering the gathered essence all across the wastelands and sparking a revival so powerful that it’s even impacting the mortal world.

Turns out that the rumors are true. Now the least desirable land in the United States is the best place to be, and nobody’s got a claim! The land rush is on, and a host of werewolves have descended on the place to carve out their own territories. You are among them. What will you find in this new frontier?

Key Locations
The River
The Nodding Rugaru Casino

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The Revival dane_g_tippman