Magnus Snarisson


In his Urhan form, Magnus has bright orange fur and, paired with his chilly blue eyes, looking at him evokes an image of the falling leaves of autumn

In his Urshul form, Magnus takes the aspects of the Urhan to the extreme and the terrifying. Now standing as tall as a horse and with a terrific pair of jaws that could bite the guts from such a horse in a single gluttonous gnash, Magnus is a rust-furred monster stampeding through the spirit world.

In his Gauru form, Magnus grows tremendous and murderous; the bright orange fur darkens with deathly promise at his claws and wrists, and the icy blue eyes flare wildly with wicked hunger.

In his Dalu form, fur-tuffed ears poke up noticeably from his half-man head, demanding at least a hood or suitable hat if he ever wanted to walk among the humans unnoticed in it. His elongated jaw is covered in a stuff that wavers between beard and fur, and anyone looking too closely to identify which would surely be started to see the size of the teeth barely concealed there.

In his Hishu form, Magnus is red-haired, fair-skinned, and built with a long but sturdy brawn. When he has time to shave, he doesn’t cut it much, leaving a perpetual rough and red stubble on his face. He appreciates a good long coat and strong leather boots in this form, when he deigns to take it at all.

The tattoos of Magnus show signs of Wisdom twice over, and Glory once.

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When Magnus is found, as he often is, in the Hisil, or Spirit World, his silvery tattoos show signs of Wisdom twice over, and Glory once.

His tattoo of Glory tells a tale of a corrupt and broken land with Spirits slithering and twisting beyond their ken, Riding and Claiming and gathering other spirits with similar greed and ambition to the region. At the core of this serpentine and spiked backdrop, the jaws of a wolf clamp down viciously on a cluster of spirits, even as the jaws of some kind of great cat bite into the wolf’s skull. The tattoo is across his chest, proudly displayed.

His dual Wisdom tattoos flow around his lower midsection and join up along his back. These are marks of the study and understanding of the Hisil, its mysteries, and the Spirit beings that dwell there. It shows clawed hands in one place shaping Resonance, then shaping stone, then striking the Essence of a Spirit. The Glory tattoo, added after both of these, flows from these markings; symbols of the study of spirits becomes jagged as those spirits grow corrupt in the chest where the wolf bites them back down.

Magnus Snarisson

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